Macleay Valley
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Large sculptures

Winner: Kat Atkins ‘Rhythm Hunters’

Runner up: Sam Hawkins ‘Seahorse’

Small sculptures
Winner: Sam Hawkins ‘Starving Eagle’

Runner up: Alf Blakey ‘Cookie’

Curator’s Award: Kamp Kultur by Sandra Murphy.

Highly Commended: John Wilby, Glen Ravo, Eric Hull’s body of work (multiple entries each), Gavin Skinner ‘Game of Drones’, Lisa Domeny ‘Trial Bay’, Robyn Hull ‘Daisy Chain’, Colin Visser ‘Flight’ and ‘Fright’.

Pre-school Sculpture
All pre-schools were awarded prize, as there hasn’t previously been multiple entries from pre-schools and therefore no dedicated category.

  • SWR Pre-school ‘Little Bird Little Bird, Tell Me About The Ocean’
  • Dalaigur Pre-school ‘Nganhang Nyinda (You Me) Canoes’ based on King of the Birds story told by Aunty Vicki Taylor and Uncle Jon Kelly involving over 200 community members
  • Schools as Community Centres Playgroup ‘Therapy Quilts’

Primary School Sculpture
Winner: Willawarrin Public School ‘Enjoy Nature - Recycle” with assistance from Sam Hawkins
Runner up: South Kempsey Public School ‘A Family of Birds’
Highly Commended: South West Rocks Public School ‘Bruno Robo’
Highly Commended for heritage theme: Gladstone Public School’s body of work and Willawarrin Public School ‘A celebration of freedom after Internment’ and South West Rocks Joey Scouts ‘Germans by the Sea’

High School Sculpture
Winner: Kempsey High School ‘Hana’s Suitcase’ and ‘Animal Yarns’
Runner up: Kempsey High School ‘Arachnid Invasion’
Individual Sculpture: Mekenzie Healey from St Pauls for ‘To Survive’ ceramic

High School Photographic (group prizes)
Winner: Melville High School Yr 7-12
Runner up: Kempsey High School Yr 9
Highly Commended: Areerat Brooks ‘Ghosts of the Past’ (KHS student independent entry)

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