Macleay Valley
Arts Council Inc

Dead Men Talking

  • 14 Mar 2015
  • 7:30 PM
  • Bandbox Theatre
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Dead Men Talking is a 90 minute stage musical devised by Max Cullen and scripted by Max Cullen and Warren Fahey. The lively 90-minute show finds the two legendary literary figures having a casual drink at the Leviticus Bar & Grill, Heaven's Gate, and pondering their legacies over some good-tempered banter. Slightly cantankerous, yet grateful of their old friendship, Henry Lawson (Max Cullen) and A. B. Banjo Paterson (Warren Fahey) discuss each others lives including their famous 'War of Words' in The Bulletin. They recite poems, sing songs and generally yarn and have a laugh about lifes changing circumstance.

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