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Daughters of the Rum Rebellion

  • 26 Apr 2018
  • 6:00 PM
  • Frederickton School of Arts Hall, Macleay Valley Way, Frederickton
  • 131


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The Daughters of the Rum Rebellion are holding up in Frederickton!

The Daughters of the Rum Rebellion weaves a tale of the daring female bushrangers who ranged colonial Australia, causing trouble and mayhem wherever they went. Using historical accounts and original songs, Gleny Rae & Ilona Harker recount the lives of these forgotten and much maligned femme fatales.

Gleny Rae is one of Australia's favourite and most hard working country music performers. Having toured extensively with The Toe Sucking Cowgirls and Gleny Rae Virus and her Playboys, Gleny has added yet another string to her bow as she plays a tough widow with no other choice than to become the bushranger Madame Ironbark.

Ilona Harker is a well-known performer on the contemporary music circuit as a singer/songwriter and also with her comedic cabaret characters, including the inimitable Mae Wilde. A festival darling, Ilona brings her theatrical talents to the fore with her hilarious rendition of Lady Moonlight.

The story centres around our two fictional heroines, who after coming a cropper with the local constabulary in Ryelstone, escape into the bush and find the hide out of the infamous Jessie Hickman, bushranger and trick rider.

Lady Moonlight, whose hopes of being a society darling are dashed after her fall from grace, rallies the stalwart and sensible Madame Ironbark into forming a bushranging gang. They become inspired using song and historical accounts of the heroic and wild tales of Black Mary, Mary Ann Bugg, Jessie Hickman and Molly Morgan, who were but a few of the women Australia's bushranging history has overlooked. The musical adventure of these daring women will take you all over Australia from Hobart, Maitland, Rylstone, Sofala, Sydney, Parramatta, Eulo, Mudgee and a little town called Uralla.

Gleny and Ilona, having teamed up in early 2017 in outback NSW are on the loose and have picked up, for some of the journey, the delightful Irene Lemon from Armidale playing Australia's funny bone...Sheila Knacquers!

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